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About me…

Hello, I’m Rachel and I am a Children’s picture book author and indie-publisher, based in Preston, Lancashire with my husband Simon and two children Fred and Ron.

I have always loved reading and the written word and am an avid scrabble player. As a solicitor drafting was my favourite part of the job and then subsequently as a primary teacher I loved to inspire children to read and write.

I am in the process of publishing my first book ‘Christmas Cabaret’ which is a celebration of vegetables at Christmas. Have you ever wondered what your vegetables get up to on Christmas Eve when everybody is busy? Well now you can find out! All sale proceeds go to The Children’s Appeal as part of The Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity. What better way of spreading some love at Christmas.

About my Illustrator…

Introducing my lovely big sister, the very talented Helen McKnockiter, who takes my idea and brings it to life! Helen traditionally is an artist specialising in large oil canvases of flowers and meadows and all things relating to nature but has proved herself to be a natural at illustration too! She currently works in a Nursery inspiring children to embrace their creative selves.

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  1. Nicola says:

    My boys really love Rachel’s stories, they are very interesting and easy to follow. The illustration is great as well. Such talented sisters!

    1. Rachel Walmsley says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Gemma Ingleson says:

    Absolutely fabulous book, great wording, easy for the kids to understand and amazing illustrations! My boys loved it and it continues to be a bedtime story favourite!

  3. Jessica donnelly says:

    My little one loves me reading this book, he was pointing to the dogs as I was reading which is great for his development. The illustrations are fab and the story is clear and easy to read. We can’t wait for more books.

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