Listening Ears

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I think my listening ears are broken…
So, I go on a quest to find some new ones.
Which ears will I choose?


8 reviews for Listening Ears

  1. Lydia Harper

    A beautifully written and illustrated story for all ages with an underlying lesson for those little ones who may need help to listen now again! Very well put and had my children guessing. A read I’m sure we’ll go back to again and again

  2. Ruth C

    Ordered as a Christmas gift, and this book did not disappoint! Another fantastic story with beautiful, detailed illustrations. The writing uses a range of interesting vocabulary to draw in younger readers, as well as including some educational nature facts – a winning touch in the eyes of my boys! Would recommend to all younger readers, and to parents who may need a reminder of how it feels to be a little one!

  3. Jo

    What a wonderful book for encouraging children to think about their listening habits. The fact that it is written in rhyme makes this even more appealing and fun, and the hand drawn illustrations are a perfect touch. We loved that little animal facts were embedded within the story. The book is wonderful quality print. Kids will really enjoy this book (and will hopefully learn how to turn their ‘listening ears’ on, which may be of benefit to parents too).

  4. Tracey Burton

    Another fantastic family story from the super talented sister team!

  5. Carli Valentine

    This book is amazing!
    Sometimes, as a parent it’s easy to forget that kids need more then just commands. They need direction and help accomplishing things that are naturally difficult to achieve. I loved the creative illustrations in this book. It kept me “listening” and engaged! It was wonderful because it reminded me to look at things through a children’s perspective. This is truly such an adorable story and every parent and child could benefit from reading it!

  6. BaKon Brands

    Very CUTE story about a young boy in search of NEW and IMPROVED listening ears. Throughout the story he weighs out his new listening ear options…turn the pages to see which ears he chooses! This quirky book has the most adorable child like illustrations ever! Highly recommend for all of the littles in your life that have trouble listening! Calling all children.

  7. Deborah Fontaine

    Listen to this! Listening Ears by Rachel Walmsley and illustrated by her sister, Helen McKnockiter, is a fun story. These sisters make a great team!

    Reading the title, my grandson and I both jokingly reached up to turn on our ears by clicking on our imaginary dials. When we got to the part of the book that had a switch, we both laughed!

    The story is engaging with brightly colored illustrations. It’s a cute story about a young boy who believes his listening ears are broken and decides to go in search of new ears.

    I liked the facts presented in the story in a fun way. My grandson was engaged, pointing things out on each page. It was exciting to see his imagination working. He was truly happy reading this book with me. I know we will be reading it many more times.

    Thank you Rachel A Walmsley for sending me your picture book, Listening Ears—what a surprise to find it was also signed! I highly recommend it.

  8. Claire Taylor

    What a fantastic book! Instantly engaging with fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations. Educational about the animal kingdom too and how a variety of animals hear things. I shared it with a class of children and they all had their listening ears on from the very beginning!

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