Dotty the Dogwalker

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Dotty is not that keen on people but is dotty about dogs – can anything change her mind?

Guide dogs Len, Larry, Lucy and Lexie feature as part of Dotty’s story and we have selected the charity Guide Dogs UK to make a personal donation towards their life-changing services for people with sight loss.



13 reviews for Dotty the Dogwalker

  1. Ruth C

    My children absolutely loved this book! As animal lovers, this fun caper was right up their street, and what’s more the fantastic range of vocabulary used really captured their imagination. The illustrations are gorgeous too, and really enhance the story. We can’t wait to read the next one!

    • Rachel Walmsley

      Thank you for your lovely comment. One of the main aims for this book was to be vocabulary rich so I’m so pleased that you agree. Rachel

  2. Amy

    Fabulous book. Highly reccomend. My daughter (and me) loves it and its such a relatable, easy to understand and lovely book. Very creative. We can’t wait for another one.

    • Rachel Walmsley

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I love that you found it relatable – this is something that we strive for, Rachel

  3. Christina

    An absolutely wonderful story that the whole family can enjoy. Our favourite dogs featured are Winston and Winifred, the whippets at number 9, but there’s something for everyone. Fabulously written and beautifully illustrated.

  4. Stacey

    Both of my children absolutely loved this wonderful book! It’s a regular bedtime favourite in our house. I felt a special connection with Dotty, who likes animals more than people!

  5. Benedict aged 6

    I love it so much my favourite was Darla. The pictures were very colourful. I want to read it all the time. My little sister absolutely loves it and was shouting at the pages with excitement!

  6. Lydia

    The best childrens book I’ve ever read as I too am just Dotty about dogs. It’s a fun book for all ages, both my children (1.5 & 6yo) as well as myself enjoyed the story. The illustrations keep the little ones interest as there’s so much to see on every page. I would recommend this book to anyone not just those that love dogs like we do.

  7. Lindsay

    This has become our new favourite book, the story is exciting and the illustrations really help to visualise Dotty and the events in the story. A great book for the whole family.

  8. Laura

    My two children love this book. I will be buying more copies as gifts for my dog enthusiast friends and their little ones to enjoy!

  9. Michelle

    What a wonderful book, it is a new favourite in our house! My 8 & 6 year old absolutely love the story and love looking at the beautiful illustrations. From a mums point of view, I also love the book, I love the vocabulary and the way the rhyming flows. I would recommend this and have bought a few copies as gifts for Christmas.

  10. Sofia Alston-Hewitt (Aged 8)

    I love this book, best book I have ever read and believe me we have a lot of books at my house! I think it would make a great Christmas present for boys and girls. My favourite dogs are Chi Chi & Pasha, they are so funny and they remind me of my dog called Ike. Can you write some more please?

    • Rachel Walmsley

      Hi Sofia,
      What an amazing review. Chi Chi is my favourite dog too! We are definitely writing some more so watch this space. Thanks, Rachel

  11. Claire

    Absolutely fantastic story. My children love reading it and it is a firm favourite in our household.

  12. Naim

    Amazing book. Highly recommended. My niece loves it, she reads it over and over again. Very creative. We can’t wait for for the next one.

  13. Jo

    Such a fun book that children will love. How do you decide on your favourite dog? We loves Dotty’s character too! The illustrations are so unique, child-friendly, vibrant and colourful. We really liked the shape of the book and how it differs to most of our other children’s books. A great read overall! X

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